Get over your food issues and get on with your life 

Think it's impossible to eat whatever you want, whenever you're hungry, and effortlessly stop when you've had enough?
You can, when you eat mindfully.

The process is simple.  It's not always easy.  But it does work.

Hi, I'm Brooke!  I help women end emotional eating, quit oppressive diets, and break free from the endless cycle of binging and self-loathing so you can get over obsessing about food and get on with creating a life you love.

I'm a mindfulness expert, yoga instructor, and life coach.  

I teach the same transformational process that ended my own 20-year struggle with bulimia, emotional eating, and spontaneous crying in grocery stores.

action steps are already helping

I experienced some lightbulb moments and mindset shifts even in my first couple of sessions with Brooke. She has a very calming and supportive vibe that helped me feel comfortable diving deep into my food battles. But it’s not just talk; she’s given me action steps that are already helping me to get my brain and body on the same page, which is something I don’t think has ever happened before.

Kelly , Client
QUIZ: How close are you to food freedom?

Discover your personalized next steps to making peace with food.

Make peace with food

No more guilt, shame, or anxiety.  Ever.

It's more than a dreamy possibility, it's totally do-able.

This is how:

First, you let go of all the old diet beliefs that no longer serve you.  

Then, you start to notice the difference between emotions and physical hunger and practice feeling your emotions. 

Finally, you tune into your body’s signals to effortlessly nourish yourself, focusing your energy on everything else you want to achieve rather than on trying to control your body.  

This is real freedom!

Get freedom from:

  • constantly thinking about food
  • bingeing and feeling like you can’t stop
  • diets and obsession with calorie and carb and fat counting
  • agonizing over what you’ll eat at the next meal
  • guilt over eating ‘forbidden foods’ in secret
  • business dinners that turn you into a horror-movie monster

The best part?  

The results of your freedom:

You’ll feel nourished, satisfied and energized. Confident, attractive, and successful. 

Your unforgiving tailored cocktail dress will always fit.

No more food restrictions.

With mindful eating there are no forbidden foods. 


You eat whatever you want whenever you're hungry.  

You learn to honor your body's cues and easily stop when you've had enough.

Open up your life to more than just thoughts and feelings around what your next meal will be.

QUIZ: How close are you to food freedom?

Discover your personalized next steps to making peace with food.