I'll help you end your dysfunctional relationship with food.

It's okay, you can stay friends.
New Mindful Eating is not a diet

It’s also not a vague woo-woo practice. 

It’s a practical program that offers an alternative where food is just food, you eat whatever you want whenever you’re hungry, and you effortlessly maintain your body’s ideal size.  

New Mindful Eating combines mindfulness, yoga, and life coaching to make sure you have the support to succeed in the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of transformation: 

  • awareness without judgement
  • attunement to physical sensations and emotional feelings
  • empowerment to reinforce habits that lock in the change so that everything you eat leaves you feeling nourished, satisfied, and energized  
Trust me
I'm living proof

You know that woman who eats whatever she wants and her clothes always fit?  She savors a few bites of cupcake and then sets it aside and carries on chatting and laughing as though the cupcake isn’t even there?  

That’s me. But I wasn’t always like that.

struggled with bulimia, emotional eating, and yo-yo dieting for nearly two decades.  

Every day I lost hours studying nutrition labels, berating myself over cookies that had fallen into my mouth, or fasting in anxious preparation for a dreaded business dinner.  

I suffered nutrient deficiencies, anemia, and digestive stuff you’d rather not hear about.

The turning point arrived on a cold winter Friday night, when I was binge-watching nutrition propaganda on YouTube and stumbled upon Sandra Aamodt’s TED Talk, “Why dieting doesn’t usually work”.  

Horrified by the realization that serial dieting was causing me to gain weight in the long run, and that this was the result of biology rather than my own inadequacy, I dove headfirst into intuitive eating, health at every size, and rejecting diet culture. 

I eventually found my way to a version of mindful eating that worked for me.  

Along the way, I learned that in order to truly change the way we relate to food, we have to restore the conversation and connection between our minds and bodies.  

See, we’ve spent the vast majority of our lives learning and listening to how other people tell us to be in our bodies, instead of noticing how it actually feels to be in our bodies.  We ignore our hunger and fullness, fatigue, and pain.  We eat what friends, experts, and magazines tell us to.  

Same goes for exercise.  Every time we act against our bodies’ needs, we’re eroding the mind-body connection that should regulate our eating, sleep, and energy.  

But reading a book about mindful eating and simply watching the TED Talk and not doing anything about it won’t truly help (although it’s a good start). Most of us won’t be able to undo the years of conditioning and quiet those nasty, judgemental voices in our heads overnight. It also doesn’t really help to try to learn to listen to our bodies by taking 10 minutes to eat a raisin (at least it didn’t for me).   

That’s why I distilled all my experience and knowledge into a holistic process to break free from emotional eating, restrictive diets, and the endless cycle of binging and self-loathing.   

I’ve made it my mission to share the transformational New Mindful Eating approach because diet culture is a form of oppression.  It’s part of a multi-billion dollar industry that only thrives by making you feel bad about yourself and compelling you to pursue their diet goal ahead of your own education and career, ahead of finding love, and ahead of creating a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Never. Diet. Again.  

I'll show you how.

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P.S. Coaching is my superpower. 

As a teenager, I coached my friend Michelle through statistics class with lots of baseball examples (the players in our math problems always had cute butts).   

I’ve coached college students through History of Science classes and corporate employees through their first successful projects. 

As a yoga instructor, I’ve been told that my verbal cues land like a hands-on assist.  

I’m also a certified integrative life coach and professional yoga instructor with a degree in cognitive psychology. 

I hope I have the chance to use my coaching magic to help you transform your life.

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