Do you wish food was 

 just food?

Imagine a magical wonderland where you eat whatever you want whenever you’re hungry, effortlessly stop when you’ve had enough, and just don’t think about food that much at all. 

Even if you’ve been obsessed with food and stuck in a binge-and-starve cycle for years (or decades), the pathway to wonderland is open to you right now. 

Take my hand, I’ll show you the way there… 

The New Mindful Eating

This program doesn’t just change the way you eat, it changes your whole relationship with food. 

It’s a holistic approach infused with:

  • mindfulness so you practice noticing your thoughts and experiences without freaking out
  • yoga so you can get your mind and body on speaking terms  
  • coaching to equip you with the practical tools to manage your thoughts and emotions

The program enables you to not only break free from your messed-up relationship with food, but also confidently handle any obstacles that come up along the way. You’ll learn how to sustain your newfound food freedom and permanently change the way you eat so you feel at ease in your body.  

And you’ll start feeling better fast! We’re talking DAYS, not weeks or months.  

Been up and down the weight loss roller coaster forever?

If you’ve ever felt defeated and irritated with food from doing diet and diet and yet not finding stability with food over the long term, this program is for you. 

Let's face it, dieting doesn't work and diet culture is part of a multi-billion dollar industry that only exists by making you feel crappy about yourself.  And diets are not sustainable because of the guilt that comes with eating or even thinking about eating forbidden foods. It fuels your obsession around food even further and drives you to the cookies and ice cream all over again. 

Just think about how much time and energy you’ve expended worrying about whether you’re eating too much or being self-disciplined enough. Add to that anxiety over how to control food cravings when others are around. And guilt about hiding your addiction and compulsive behaviour by eating in secret. 

It’s maddening. 

You DO NOT need to diet or restrict certain foods to look and feel fabulous!

Making peace with food once and for all

Imagine going through your day without that judgy voice in your head overanalyzing every bite of food you put in your body.  What could you accomplish if you just didn't think about food that much?  

The next month of one-on-one coaching will get you get you off to a powerful to change your mindset, quit your diet, end emotional eating and feel amazing in your body.

The 30-day New Mindful Eating Breakthrough program includes:

  • 1 x 50-minute individual coaching kick-off session to unpack your relationship with food, establish direction, and identify the shifts we need to focus on NOW to get you 
  • 2 x 20-minute individual mini sessions to coach through any specific challenges that come up and help keep you on track
  • 1 x 50-minute individual coaching session at the end of the month to reflect on progress, coach through barriers, and make sure you have everything you need to stay the course

After the 30-day New Mindful Eating Breakthrough program, you'll have everything you need to decide if you'll be best served by going it alone with the fresh mindset, practical mindfulness exercises, and powerful self-coaching tools you learned in our month together (you can always come back) or if you want to continue into a longer-term package for more support.

How is this program different from other solutions you've tried in the past?

  1. It’s not a set of  impractical rituals that don’t fit into your real life - you don’t have to take 10 minutes to eat one raisin. (You can if you want to, but I don’t like raisins and I certainly won’t tell you to)
  2. It’s not a diet.  For real. This is so not some bait-and-switch that claims to not be a diet until you have to restrict certain foods or only eat during an 8-hour daily window.  
  3. It’s not a vague “lifestyle change” that you drop within a week.  You are committing to transformation, and I'm here to help when go through the hard stuff.
  4. It’s not a woo-woo program where you’re told to embrace your inner child, get in touch with your feelings, or love yourself thin. This program is practical and actionable.
  5. It’s not a book you read through and are left to do on your own.  I will be with you every step of the way, and will even provide support via voice message between our sessions.

This is a personalized coaching program that gives you multiple tools that you can put into practice that actually work to help you break free from your obsession with food. You’ll still be able to stay friends with food and eat what you want, armed with the ability to also STOP eating when you want. 

Is the New Mindful Eating program for you?

If you’re:

  • stressed out about when to eat, how to eat, what to eat
  • afraid you’ll never be able to break the addition to compulsive eating
  • dying to be thin and healthy and confident
  • tired of fighting with food all the time
  • sick of trying to resist the cookies in the breakroom
  • stuck in the intuitive eating honeymoon phase (ie. still eating everything)
  • ready to try a new way

...the New Mindful Eating Program is for you. 

Don’t wait. Find the freedom you’ve been looking for today.

QUIZ: How close are you to food freedom?

Discover your personalized next steps to making peace with food.